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Rina Creation 2013 3rd Edition


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These creations dedicates quality (looks & taste) which ensure lasting memories.
All our creations are made from finest ingredients and are Halal.
Feel free to browse and select our wide range of designs or creations, or advice us should you have anything else in mind.

"Wedding cakes are very important part of the actual event itself as it emphasis your individuality, whether Floral, Contemporary, Traditional, you should go all the way to express it. As we believe that nowadays Real Cakes are preferred to those of dummies, we have the sugar-crafting skills to make not only gorgeous beautiful cakes, but edible and taste good too."

To discuss ideas for your Special Wedding Cake, do contact us today for a discussion.
How to get that dream cake of yours?

1. Select your cake from any of the album category (if you have any other designs in mind, just let us know, or better still if you can show us the image)

2. Call us or SMS us the details

3. Most of the cakes can be customised (wordings, colours, flavours etc) Kindly advice us early.

Note: Do book in advance, as at times we may be fully booked within 3 months of the actual event dates,  during peak periods.

If you are interested in ordering any of my Cakes or my Creations, feel free to contact me:

Telephone   6785-3765      
Mobile        9067-1914

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